【Mar. 1st to 6th】 Craft Session Kyoto 2013

For Six Days Only

A Jam Session between Craftsmanship and Creators/Designers

A Happy Blending of the Ancient and the Modern

Exhibition-and-Sale Event


Arranged into the new designs are Japanese traditional craftsmanship such as kumihimo (braiding), yuzen (the yuzen dyeing process), silver working, and dyeing.


The new designs express the beautiful Japanese traditional craftsmanship in a sophisticated manner and are in harmony with the modern lifestyle.


Six studios and craftsmen from Kyoto are scheduled to display their works. Exhibits are available for purchase. To see the scheduled exhibits: Introduction of the Creators/Designers 



The concept of the exhibition is “LIVE”.

The goal of this exhibition is to convey the essence and the value of the products by displaying the tools used in the production as well as sharing the atmosphere of the studios of the craftsmen that is usually hidden from the eyes of the general public. This exhibition does not only display “the works” but also “the thoughts and beliefs” of the six parties. Through this exhibition, it is hoped that a lively space will be created by all the attendants.


Free Admission】【Close to Shijo Station】【Open to All

Dates: March 1st to 6th, 2013

Hours: 11am to 7pm

(Closing at 6pm on March 1th, 5pm on March 6th.)

Place: Gallery “Little house” (Situated in a Japanese townhouse built 180 years ago.)

Access: A minute walk away from Karasuma Station (Hankyu Train Kyoto Line) and Shijo Station (Subway Karasuma Line). Use Exit No.26 (Kyoto Sangyo Kaikan, Kyoto Industrial Hall).


Flier Design and Exhibition Plan:

   The graphics and the exhibition space are directed by the creative team, ideel-lab.

Members of the ideel-lab:

   Oliver Franz: http://www.atelier-silent.com/

   Hiro Konishi: http://www.miso-miso.com/


This event is scheduled to be held again in May 2013.


MorePhotos About CraftSession


MorePhotos About CraftSession








音楽のJam Sessionのように、新しいものを創造し発信していく、

それが「Craft Session Movement」です。